Watch: BLUBOO Dual is equipped with fingerprint sensor capable of music/video controls

The BLUBOO Dual was launched a few months back. The smartphone comes with an appealing dual camera design which creates DSLR-quality depth of field effect. And it is also equipped with a “magic” fingerprint sensor which adds a few more functions apart from the locking and unlocking the phone in 0.1 second. The fingerprint sensor of the BLUBOO Dual can do more.
With the fingerprint sensor you can:
Tap it to go back to the previous level
Tap it to swipe the desktop; double tap it to swipe the desktop on the opposite
Tap it to play and pause music; double tap it to play next one
Tap it to play and pause video playing; double tap it to play next one
Long-press it to snap photos;
Long -press it to answer calls;
Long-press it to take a screenshot
Long-press it to get back to the desktop

Pretty much all the basic functions you might want it to do, it does. And it’s unnecessary to parity the fingerprint information for the previously mentioned touch functions, any fingerprint will work. You really can’t miss a moment with this phone!

The video shows partial functionality of the fingerprint scanner, please check out it in here: If possible, you could grab one BLUBOO Dual model and try all the functions above yourself.

Among other specs, the Dual model features a 5.5″ SHARP display with FHD resolution, a MediaTek MTK6737 CPU clocked at 1.5GHz, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage (up to 256GB expansion). The rear camera is a 13MP shooter along with a 2MP sensor which gives bokeh effect to images, while on the front we have a 8MP camera. The smartphone also has a 3000mAh capacity battery, and a gyroscope. In addition, it supports OTG function.

You could find more detailed information about the BLUBOO Dual in here: or buy one in here: