Something You Need to Know About Why Bluboo Xfire is The Best Choice of 5 inch Entry-level 4G Android Phone!

Bluboo Xfire is our second product, actually say, it is our second android device this year after our first product Bluboo X550! We out our expectation on Bluboo Xfire and hope it is gonna be the best 5 inch 4g android phone on budget. We have confidence on this point and here is something you need to know and make yourself believe this is not only our

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bluboo x550

Why My Bluboo X550 Can Not Enable Date Connection?

From the feedback from Bluboo oeverseas customers, some of them find that after they put sim cards into x550, it can not connecting to internet instantly. This is not something wrong with x550, it is just that you need to have a right setting about sim data connecting. If you are still confused how to active the data using, here is an quick guide

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bluboo x550 giveaway

Bluboo X550 Giveaway #FathersDay

Good news to everyone, we have gotten Bluboo x550 in stock and everyone who ordered one will get yours soon! If your order are still in processing, please have a talk with their customer services! I know more people are waiting for reviews of Bluboo x550 for the final decision. Don’t worry, we have send dozens of machines overseas and reviews is near!

If you still didn’t order your Bluboo x550

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