New Battery King: Rugged BLUBOO R1 comes with 7150mAh Battery


For most of the phone users, battery life is essential. Everybody, especially those who work outdoors or like outdoor sports, would love for the phone to survive through the day without an urgent need of charging and then moving on for a second or third day or even longer.

But that’s of course highly dependent on the battery capacity and the optimizations. And BLUBOO claim that their new rugged model BLUBOO R1 with its massive 7150mAh SONY battery is the right solution to the problem. With such capacity the battery life could easily exceed four days or even five of use. In addition, it’s said the R1 could manage to last 57 hours while browsing the internet, 85 hours of music playing and 650 hours in standby. What’s more, the R1 model supports fast-charge and wireless-charging, making it faster and easier to get fully charged.

Well, the battery capacity is just a tip of the iceberg with BLUBOO R1 and the phone can offer much more. Stay tuned for further information about the R1 model or you find more details on BLUBOO’s official website: