Farewell Petya, the Top Android Security System BO-OS Will Be Firstly Adopted to BLUBOO S8!


More than 150 countries around the world ravaged by the Wannacry just before, a more malicious blackmail virus– Petya began to overwhelm Ukraine, Russia and other European countries. Compared with the outbreak of Wannacry in May, Petya variants spread even faster!


Aimed at the frequent occurrence of Internet security issues, BLUBOO R&D staff held an emergency meeting on Smart Phone Security Performance to discuss how to solve out the security problems of mobile Internet and eradicate security risks for the working phone. Rapidly, BLUBOO announced a cooperation with 360 Security to launch an exclusive Android Security system named BO-OS.


360 Security as a professional network security brand, is committed to providing high-quality security network services, which is the ultimate weapon against blackmail software, absolutely protect your important information. So, BO-OS will focus on the function of security and privacy protection which is highly expected to fit in BLUBOO S8 for the first time. Apart from the strong function of security, BLUBOO S8 labeled as the starting handset of 18: 9 full-screen mobile phone.


According to the latest new concerning BLUBOO S8, BO-OS is going to appear to the public with BLUBOO S8 in July. For more details about BLUBOO, you can keep an eye on BLUBOO official website: www.bluboo.hk