Video: BLUBOO Edge, Records every Beat of Your Heart

It’s quite common for a smart wear to get a heart rate monitor, but it’s not the case for a smartphone. And as mentioned in the our initial report that the newly released BLUBOO Edge is equipped with a heart rate sensor just next to the LED flash on the backside of the device. Can’t wait to try the new adding function of the Edge model? Today we have for you a video showing the heart rate monitoring of the BLUBOO Edge.














Along with the homogenization of smartphone intensifies day by day, market competition becomes increasingly fierce. How to get a head start is even more important. It’s heartening that mobile makers like BLUBOO keep bringing new ideas and functions.














In the video, a girl put her finger lightly on the sensor and after ten to fifteen seconds’ detecting she could get her accurate heart-rate data. It’s ineresting that when encountering a handsome boy, the girl’s heartbeat speeded up a little bit. It’s very sweet. Well, for those who have heart problem or need instant care for their heart, the adding heart rate monitoring function is indeed considerate and useful.














Please check out the video yourself to have a better idea about the heart rate monitoring of the BLUBOO device: For further detailed information about BLUBOO Edge, please click here:


By the way,  latest BLUBOO Dual is currently on presale. During the presale period, you will have a chance to get it with $114.99. There’s also a giveaway where you could get six free pieces of the Dual. The presale will be up until December 18th and then the price will jump back the retail level of $149.99. You could find all infos about the presale in here:–flash-sale/


BLUBOO Dual Shows up in the Presales














Newest dual camera BLUBOO model, BLUBOO Dual is just available in the presales with some pretty affordable price tag. But before we get to that let’s summarize what we know so far about the phone and we have an official introduction video for you too.












Please check out the 3D video here:

First thing to mention with BlLUBOO Dual is most certainly the rear dual camera setup design, 13 Mpix primary one with Sony IMX135 sensor paired with 2 Mpix subsidiary one. The main primary camera captures the image while the secondary captures the depth information. And the single front camera is 8.0MP.

The metal unibody made from aviation grade aluminum alloy could be fairly resistant against scratch and corrosion. And thanks to CNC cutting the lines are smooth and sand blasting is giving the back cover a nice texture and grip.

For other main specs, the Dual has a 5.5-inch SHARP display with FHD resolution, quad-core processor clocked, 256GB microSD expansion, rear fingerprint scanner, OTG support, adding gyroscope and Android 6.0 Marshmallow as the OS.




















Presale period will last until December 18th and the presale price is set at $129.99. As a part of the presale period there’s also a flash sale event with the price slashed to $114.99. Later on the retail price will rise up to $149.99. You could also try your luck to win 6 free BLUBOO Dual pieces:–flash-sale/






BLUBOO Edge Performance Test Video BLUBOO Edge vs iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei P9, Samsung S7 Edge

The new addition to the BLUBOO family, the BLUBOO Edge model has been launched for a while, but we have no idea about its actual performance. Luckily, today we get a video testing the performance of the BLUBOO device. Let’s take a look together.




























For starters, the Edge manages to score 28,689 in Antutu, which is an okay result for a mid-ranged device. And everything runs quite smoothly even under multitasking environment thanks to the powerful quad-core processor and 2 GB DDR3 RAM. Well, to help us know better about the Edge’s performance, the tester even respectively compare it with the iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei P9 and Samsung S7 Edge. Opening up apps at the same time, the Edge works nearly as fast as the three comparison objects. The differences are very minimal.















Even though the Edge is not equipped with high-end configuration, its fantastic appearance, for instance, dual-curved design, extra-narrow bezel, shiny back case, etc, combined with some adding features like heart rate monitor, front fingerprint scanner, etc, makes the handset achieve perfect balance between performance and price. For getting even better idea about the performance of the BLUBOO Edge you can check the video in here:

If interested, you could find all information about the Edge on BLUBOO official website:


Metal Unibody, CNC Cutting, Sand Blasting: Meet the Real BLUBOO Dual

Are you still obsessed with the elegant dual curved design of the newly released BLUBOO Edge? Another upcoming BLUBOO device, the Dual model may excite you more.
















Apart from the dual camera setup, the gorgeous appearance of the Dual won’tdisappoint you. The BLUBOO Dual model adopts aviation aluminum alloy material as back case. Generally speaking, metal unibody is more favored by customers thanks to its superior texture and high endurance compare to plastic. Among various metal materials, aluminum alloy is used as the most common material for cellphone back cover own to its lightness and quick heat dispelling. The aviation aluminum alloy BLUBOO using is of top-class quality , making the Dual sleek and slim.














In terms of processing methods, in combination with CNC cutting, the lines are extremely smooth and beautiful. And processed through sand blasting, Dual also offers satisfactory in-hand feeling. No wonder that BLUBOO claim that their Dual brings users not only pleasant visual enjoyment but also comfortable grip feeling.
















The Dual will come in three colors, Black, Gold and Rose Gold. Currently, BLUBOO introduce the Dual on their official website so you can find all the detailed info about the device here:  The global presales will start on December 5th. You could find more information about the presales in here:


BLUBOO Edge Fingerprint Unlock Speed vs iPhone 7 Plus

We have probably already covered everything there is to know about the BLUBOO Edge model, but it seems that BLUBOO is not laying down their arms yet. Today they have published a video comparing the fingerprint unlock speed of their Edge and the comparison object is iPhone 7 Plus again.














The newly released BLUBOO Edge features beautiful dual curvy design, quad-core processor, 13.0MP main SONY camera, 8.0MP front camera, rear heart rate monitor, massive 256GB memory expansion and shiny back cover with lumia wave effect, attracting much attention from customers. And its front fingerprint reader can not be ignored which could instantly identify your fingerprint and then unlock the device in less than 0.1 second. BLUBOO even said that the fingerprint scanner enables one’s hand to work faster than one’s mind.














Well, according to the video we could find that the fingerprint scanner in the BLUBOO Edge is capable of unlocking the phone faster than the iPhone 7 Plus. BLUBOO claim it’s because the Edge supports offscreen unlocking while for the iPhone 7 Plus, you have to press the home button to enlighten the screen before unlocking it. Aside from unlocking speed, the identifying accuracy and angle ranges are also tested and compared, and everything is in the Edge’s favor for its higher accuracy and 360 degree recognition angle. Actually the differences are very minor. Both devices show excellent unlocking performance.














If you would be interested in the BLUBOO Edge you can head over to the BLUBOO official website for all details: And now let’s take a look at the fingerprint scanner comparison video:


BLUBOO Edge vs iPhone 7 Plus – Five Hour Battery Life Test Video

From all the previous articles about the new BLUBOO Edge handset you surely already know that the dual curved display equipped phone packs a secure 2600mAh Li-poly battery. And today we have one battery test video being done directly by BLUBOO testers, and this time has come to compare the battery performance with an awesome rival, iPhone 7 Plus.























For the video test purposes both devices were charged before testing and both of them did the tests with the highest display brightness level. In the video, the two phones went into rigorous 5 one-hour testing regime: one-hour offline video playback, video recording, playing games, social networking browsing and video chatting. After finishing the first three hours’ testing, the iPhone 7 Plus remained 51% of the battery capacity while the BLUBOO Edge kept 54%. Then after one hour’s network browsing, the iPhone 7 Plus lost 15% battery while the Edge lost 16%. Finally with one hour of video chatting, the iPhone 7 Plus kept 10% of the battery capacity, while the Edge model managed to keep 11























Based on the testing result it’s quite obvious that the differences are minor and both devices shows excellent battery endurance. Check out the video yourself:












Don’t forget that the BLUBOO Black Friday is still available and you could get a Edge model for only $109.99. Other discounted BLUBOO products include Picasso 4G, Mini, Maya Max and Uwatch. There is also a giveaway event where you can win the BLUBOO Uwatch for free. If you would be interested in obtaining the BLUBOO devices you need to hurry up. You can find more details about the whole Bluboo event here: and it will be up until November 30th.

BLUBOO Launched Its First Dual Camera Smartphone with Metal Unibody

We’ve already seen leaked photos of the upcoming BLUBOO Dual, and now we have an official specification direct from the company so no more guesses or speculations needed. Let’s take a look together




















Well for starters the BLUBOO Dual comes with a full metal unibody design, using aviation aluminum alloy and brushing for pointing out the metallic looks. It also features a dual camera setup as mentioned before, specifically a 13.0MP and 2.0MP shooters. The main SONY camera captures the image while the second smaller sized camera captures depth information. And you could also be able to increase or decrease the depth of field in photos or randomly choose a point of focus when shooting. Then through software processing, images with augmented bokeh are created.

Just below the two cameras we find two flashlights and a fingerprint scanner which can unlock the device within 0.1 second, while on the front there’s a 8.0MP selfie shooter with wide-angle lens.






















Front panel has a 5,5-inch SHARP screen with FHD resolution and Gorilla Glass 4. It’s worth mentioning that the Dual model adopts advanced two-layer touch panel with ten-point multitouch support which even reacts to gloved or wet hand. Quad-core MT6737T processor clocked at 1.5 GHz takes care of the performance helped by 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM, which is expandable up to 256 GB.

Other selling points of the BLUBOO Dual include a gyroscope, OTG support, a 3000mAh battery and Android 6.0 Marshmallow as the OS.

BLUBOO Dual will be available in 3 color variants – Black, Gold and Rose Gold.The listing price is $149.99. BLUBOO claim that the presale would start from Dec.5th to Dec.18th. Surely there will be a presale event with discounted pricing so stay tuned:


First real photos of the dual-rear camera BLUBOO Dual show up


We first heard about the BLUBOO Dual model several months back, and BLUBOO seem to have put in some work on the phone since then. Hence, we finally have some real pictures of the device. Have a look right below.
















It’s a very nice looking phone, having a metal body using aviation aluminum alloy and brushing for pointing out the metallic looks. Being different from plastic back cover, metal body is preferred by increasingly number of customers thanks to its superior metal luster, higher hardness and warm in-hand feeling. No wonder BLUBOO claim that the Dual model would offer a pleasant visual treat as well as comfortable grip feeling.

BLUBOO are planning to release the Dual this year so we can hopefully expect some more information soon. Stay tuned if you fancy the BLUBOO Dual.


BLUBOO will join in with the Black Friday fun












Black Friday sales are around the corner and many Chinese sellers or manufacturers are trying to triumph in the discount race as much as they can. And today we got info about the BLUBOO event.













BLUBOO usually has some nice Black Friday deals going on for its devices every year, and this year is no exception. They are offering discounts on a number of their products bought through their official authorized online stores. This includes a $30/20/10/5 off respectively on Edge, Maya Max, Uwatch, Picasso 4G and Mini model. The five Bluboo devices nearly cover different needs of customers: for users who like beautiful, unique design, dual curved equipped BLUBOO Edge is optional; while for budget-friendly devices, one could choose BLUBOO Picasso 4G and BLUBOO Mini; for those who prefer larger screen, the 6.0 inch BLUBOO Maya Max is available; if you would rather have a mini version, the 4.5 inch BLUBOO Mini could be just to your taste, and BLUBOO Uwatch would also be a good choice for customers who want to get one smart watch. Those aforementioned BLUBOO products have been around for a while, and this could be a good chance for you to snap one up if you’ve been waiting for a good deal. Besides, you can also try to participate in a giveaway there for a free sample of BLUBOO Uwatch.













For further information about the promotion, please check out the event page in here: And the BLUBOO black Friday event will start on November 24th and will be running until November 30th.



























By the way, BLUBOO claim that their BLUBOO Edge model is selling pretty good in the presales with 65,000 orders. That’s really impressive.


Video: Bluboo Edge’s battery could be destroyed but will not get exploded

After Samsung Note 7’s battery scandal, Chinese manufacturers are fighting on who gets the safest device on the market first.

The people over at Bluboo get right to the point with their latest Bluboo Edge model. It features a Li-Polymer battery (with a decent capacity of 2600mAh) for an improved electric stability while charging and discharging. It supposes that the Bluboo Edge would be one tough cookie. To prove it, Bluboo Mobile also release a video testing the battery security of their latest Bluboo Edge model.
























In the video, the battery of the Edge suffer tests like flame projectile test, short-circuit test, and impact test,and we could find that the battery can be destroyed but will not get exploded thanks to its Li-polymer battery. It’s known that Samsung Note 7 packs a Li-ion battery which lead to its explosion. Well, compare to Li-ion battery, Li-polymer is more stable and secure. When used properly, the Li-polymer battery will not explode. Check the video out in here:























In addition to battery of high security, the Bluboo Edge features elegant dual-curvy design, impressive 5.5-inch OGS display with HD resolution, efficient and powerful four-core processor, massive 256GB microSD expansion, 13 Mpix Sony IMX219 main camera, pure Android 6.0, intelligent front fingerprint scanner and accurate heart sensor. The Edge model is currently available in a presale and you can find all the information including detailed specs and pricing in here:













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