Bluboo X550 New Firmware Version 050616, Download Here!

Few days ago, we have released out new firmware for Bluboo X550 to fix some bugs. Still some users ask me where to download the new firmware because they find something wrong happens during OTA.

Here I upload the firmware and you can download it here for a manual system update. Download link:

About how to update x550 system manually, refer to this blog:

Just replace the rom to be this one


About OTA:

We have released new firmware, and x550 users could update their devices to this firmware via OTA!

And the new firmware gets some improvements:

1. Fix the bug of max 854 x 640 pixels video capturing

2. Optimize the audio parameter

3. Fix the sim slot 2 4G connecting

4. Solve the situation of power down fast when below %15 power

5. Optimize front camera

6. Bring some small patches