BLUBOO S8 Official Tutorial


The BLUBOO S8 is the latest 18:9 full-screen equipped with 360 OS. To show its users how to get the best out of this customized system, the company has come out with a new video to explain its five characteristic functions in detail:  As can be seen from this video, some main specs, phone’s components and accessories are also clearly shown to you. Then comes to the role 360OS plays in this phone. Let’s get it.


First, the Full-Screen Mode can benefit people who are really into watching videos on the phone. Since the BLUBOO S8 features narrow bezel, the full-screen mode can provide a wider view of video experience compared with those ordinary screens.

Second, Freezer. What’s this? For phone users who are persecuted with harassment and slow response, the Freezer can do a good job by preventing apps from running in the background or being pulled up by series of large family apps, saving memory usage and power consumption.

The third one is Free Share. It is a mutual transmission that enjoys Zero delivery and top speed. One Key Move you can proceed with the Arbitrary transfer of old and new mobile phone files.

The next one, fast Screenshot by swiping down with three fingers. Scroll shot and circle shot is easy to get in BLUBOO S8.

Lastly, Multi-window Function is that you can open multi-windows and multi-programs at the same time on one screen, without affecting each other. You can imagine, whether it is watching the movie while chatting, online shopping while brushing micro-blog, or reading books while collecting documents…they can be perfectly achieved by one screen. Quite convenient.

Anyway, this device is on sale at Banggood. If you are interested, go to the following link for more information: