Bluboo Maya Max First OTA Update On the Horizon

















Bluboo Maya Max has been launched in September and the sales are already under way with shipments being delivered to the customers. And so far the feedback and reviews coming back are positive, the phone can offer quite awesome specifications and solid build for reasonable money.

And the software support is not to shabby too, Bluboo just announced the first OTA update for Maya Max model will be rolled out pretty soon. It should mainly focus on optimizing the user experience with adding OTG support and weather app in the main interface. OTG, short for USB OTG or USB On-The-Go, allows devices such as phones or tablets to act as a host for other plugged in equipment. This enables the Maya Max model to connect to an SD card reader, USB thumb drive or even portable hard drive and read, move and copy files. The feature is perfect for those of you on the go who want to be able to move movies, video, photos and other data without the need of a PC. And the adding weather app in the main interface makes it much easier for users to get instant weather information. This tweak is indeed considerate and convenient.













As the second Bluboo model from the Maya lineup, Bluboo Maya Max comes with a 6-inch screen, the MediaTek MT6750 octa-core processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 13 mega-pixel main camera, 4200mAh battery, a fingerprint scanner, and a USB Type C port. Learn more about Maya Max: , You can have one Bluboo Maya Max in here:

Bluboo Edge With five-point multitouch OGS display brings new interaction experience

In the second half of 2016, Bluboo Mobile are quite busy with projects such as the newly released Bluboo Picasso 4G, Bluboo Mini and Bluboo Edge. Among the new Bluboo handsets, Bluboo Edge is undoubtedly the most striking one thanks to its dual curvy design. Aside from unique curved design, other features of the Edge’s screen would interest you as well.

















If you were tired of the oversized trend in mobile technologies, and the mini versions were too small for watching, well then the Bluboo Edge with 5.5 inch screen can be an interesting model to your liking. Either holding in hand or watching videos, or looking at pictures, browsing Internet, 5.5inch would be a perfect choice. OGS technology is also employed to bring higher transparency and lighter weight. Compare to general displays, the OGS screen produces richer colors and higher contrasts.














Furthermore, the Edge model packs a dual-layer touch panel making the touch operation more stable, sensitive and accurate. And if the top layer of the touch panel did not work, you could still count on the second one. Guarantee more reliable touch performance. It is particularly worth mentioning that the Bluboo Edge is also an excellent gaming device thanks to the five-point multitouch screen. It’s obvious that the traditional single-touch or two-point touch could not satisfy the increasing demanding of smart interaction. Surely the Bluboo Edge with five-point multitouch support would bring completely new user experience.

To prove the premium display of Bluboo Edge, they have for us a video where the Bluboo Edge’s video playback performance gets compared with the iPhone 7 Plus. In the video we can tell that even compare to iPhone 7 Plus, the Edge is not inferior in terms of color saturation, clearness and details. You could check out the video and find your answer here:

















As mentioned in the earlier reports, the Bluboo Edge is on presale up until November 24th. The presale pricing is set at $129.99. There is also a giveaway for free sample pieces. When the presale ends the pricing will go back up to $139.99. You can head over and learn more about the device at the official page:

Unique Back case material makes Bluboo Edge surive violent test

A few days earlier, we had the opportunity to have a first glance at the curvy display of the upcoming Bluboo Edge device. Maybe today we can get some interesting infos about the phone, because Bluboo have just released two more videos, trying to test the endurance of the back case and compare the back cover of Bluboo Edge with Samsung S7 Edge.















In the first video, the back cover of the Edge model goes through twist test and fire test, but it remains intact even though the back case is made of plastic, showing extermely high endurance and flexibility. It’s said that Bluboo carefully chooses special plastic material to guarantee excellent endurance. Check out the test video here:  and witness the miracle!














While in the other video, the back cover of Bluboo Edge gets compared with the Samsung S7 Edge. The curved back covers of the two handsets are both shiny in the sunlight, showing same unique lumia wave effect that is as brilliant, mysterious as aurora. Nobody can deny that both of them look pretty good. But apparently, the Bluboo Edge model looks more glorious and dazzling. The Bluboo Edge’s back cover uses IML electroplating technology, which should be the reason for the brightness.

Bluboo Edge opening the gate of Bluboo dual-curvy-design smartphone lineup

The full recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 did not stop the advance of smartphones with dual curved display which have become the hottest start-up in the mobile phone industry. Aside from Huawei Mate9 Porsche Design, Xiaomi Note 2,it’s said that smartphone manufacturers like LG, HTC, Mexizu, OPPO are planning to launch handsets with dual curved design.












Why does the dual curvy design win such favor? In terms of exterior design, the unique curved design is more recognizable compare to cellphones with free-curved screen, offering completely new visual experience. Furthermore, the delicate curvy design makes the grip extremely comfortable. No wonder many a cellphone manufacture and user is obsessed with it.

Bluboo Mobile, a Chinese mobilephone manufacturer is no exception. To offer diversified smart devices of high quality for users all around the world, and make smart life be within more people’s reach, Bluboo has already released their first smartphone with dual curved display, Bluboo Edge. They also claimed that the Edge model is the first device from their curvy smartphone lineup, more Bluboo handsets with dual curved screen are upcoming in the near future.

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