Unique Back case material makes Bluboo Edge surive violent test

A few days earlier, we had the opportunity to have a first glance at the curvy display of the upcoming Bluboo Edge device. Maybe today we can get some interesting infos about the phone, because Bluboo have just released two more videos, trying to test the endurance of the back case and compare the back cover of Bluboo Edge with Samsung S7 Edge.















In the first video, the back cover of the Edge model goes through twist test and fire test, but it remains intact even though the back case is made of plastic, showing extermely high endurance and flexibility. It’s said that Bluboo carefully chooses special plastic material to guarantee excellent endurance. Check out the test video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7A92hxwhh8  and witness the miracle!














While in the other video, the back cover of Bluboo Edge gets compared with the Samsung S7 Edge. The curved back covers of the two handsets are both shiny in the sunlight, showing same unique lumia wave effect that is as brilliant, mysterious as aurora. Nobody can deny that both of them look pretty good. But apparently, the Bluboo Edge model looks more glorious and dazzling. The Bluboo Edge’s back cover uses IML electroplating technology, which should be the reason for the brightness.

Bluboo Edge opening the gate of Bluboo dual-curvy-design smartphone lineup

The full recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 did not stop the advance of smartphones with dual curved display which have become the hottest start-up in the mobile phone industry. Aside from Huawei Mate9 Porsche Design, Xiaomi Note 2,it’s said that smartphone manufacturers like LG, HTC, Mexizu, OPPO are planning to launch handsets with dual curved design.












Why does the dual curvy design win such favor? In terms of exterior design, the unique curved design is more recognizable compare to cellphones with free-curved screen, offering completely new visual experience. Furthermore, the delicate curvy design makes the grip extremely comfortable. No wonder many a cellphone manufacture and user is obsessed with it.

Bluboo Mobile, a Chinese mobilephone manufacturer is no exception. To offer diversified smart devices of high quality for users all around the world, and make smart life be within more people’s reach, Bluboo has already released their first smartphone with dual curved display, Bluboo Edge. They also claimed that the Edge model is the first device from their curvy smartphone lineup, more Bluboo handsets with dual curved screen are upcoming in the near future.

Apology for the Delay of Bluboo Xwatch

We Bluboo make an sincere apology here to all our customers. We are really sorry that we claimed earlier that we would release our new smart watch Xwatch in May. But we failed to keep our promise. The released date of Xwatch has to be prolonged, due to constant adjustments. We redesign and optimize the internal structure, use better sensor and replace the former metal material with different metal to make the whole watch lighter. Taking users’ using habits into consideration, we add new IP65 waterproof function, enabling users not need to take the watch off when washing faces or hands. Regarding to software, we also make some adjustments, for instance, adding more functions and modes, and meanwhile, it comes with lower power consumption than before. We do want to present Xwatch with perfect quality to our customers, and live up to their expectation and trust.

We have not announced the delay in time, lots of customers feel disappointed at us. We really make a huge mistake. Now we are trying our best to make amends. We promise that the same situation won’t happen again. We will keep our users informed of our latest and the most realistic product progress in real time. We will be more cautious to every words we declare. To make up our mistakes, we promise that when we release Xwatch, we will offer more discounts and giveaway. We do hope you still trust us and we won’t let you down again.

Bluboo’s Preparing for Special Sales Event for 10th Anniversary Celebrations

In Bluboo Mother’s Day Photo Competition, participants from all over the world eagerly shared pictures of themselves and their mothers and expressed their love and gratitude to their mothers. Since Mother’s Day has pasted, you may believe that there were no more discounts. Coincidentally, it has been ten years since Shenzhen Huihua Exploit Technology Co.,LTD (Bluboo)was established. It’s known that in order to reward customers for their support and trust, Bluboo is preparing a special sales event for 10th anniversary celebrations from May 16th to June 5th ,2016.

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Bluboo Mobile Holds a Photo Competition for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming. How alike all the mothers in the world are! Their hearts are always the same. Every mother owns a very pure and innocent heart. Every second Monday in May, people around the world would celebrate Mother’s Day in their own way and show their love to their mother. Have you ever told your mum you love her? If not, don’t wait and tell her how much you love her right now. Every mum deserves their kids’ love. Many merchants seize the opportunity to launch special sales promotions, we Bluboo Mobile is no exception.

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Updating Announcement of Bluboo Mobile’s LOGO

Dear Customers and Partners:

Please kindly be noticed that Bluboo Mobile have updated the old LOGO version to a new one since 5 1st,2015.



        OLD LOGO                     NEW  LOGO

Based on the concept of flat design, we choose the light blue to offer international minimalism visual experience. The new LOGO is more easily recognized and remembered by customers.  Our new products, online shop and all other publicities will adopt the new LOGO. Bluboo spares no efforts to be a reliable and popular brand.

We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience that may caused. 

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